Day 82

Tuesday 12/04/2011
This morning I took Ori Flomin’s class. It was amazing….we did a lot of stretching in the warm up so I started to feel a lot better in my hamstring and felt more connected and mobile. I really enjoyed his class but it was very challenging.

I then went to the office for 4 hours, working on the Gala invitations. It was a busy day, a lot to do. But I felt very relaxed in it, kind of therapeutic.

That evening me and Mary Ellen headed to the Bronx to see the Yankees game. We were so excited and bought hot dogs as soon as we got in the doors, and then bought garlic and cheese fries… they were good. But unfortunately, the rain got worse and worse so the game was cancelled. We were so disappointed. I felt stressed because I havn’t so much time left to do all the things I want to do before I leave.
We decided to go to the Chocolate Cafe in Union Square instead. It was so beautiful. Amazing food. It was a nice alternative. But god I ate too much shit food today!

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