Day 83

Wednesday 13/04/2011
This morning I did Luis’ class again. It was a lot more difficult today, I think I over did it slightly in Ori’s class. But still it felt good to do the warm up section and loosen up again and stretch. I felt a bit down, it’s hard to sit and watch everyone having fun.
I couldn’t sleep last night, because of all the chocolate and also my roommate was having very very loud sex in the room next to me… was very unpleasant. So I was a bit wobbly in myself, felt a little sick in my tummy too, from exhaustion.

So again I went home and didn’t get to do the things I had wanted to. I had planned to go to the Moma and also go watch a Cunningham class, because I can’t participate with my injury. I wanted to at least once visit the studios, because it will close after this year. But I didn’t get to do those things today.

I decided to go t try see the Yankees game again today, it was looking like rain but I wanted to try and not have my whole day wasted. We went and got in and the game was on…….we were so happy!!!!
It was so much fun, I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was in the movies, it was exactly how I had imagined it. The atmosphere was so great. It was freezing and lightly raining and we thought we would die of the cold but we persisted and stayed til the end. I am so happy I got to see a game!!!! So much fun!!!

One response to “Day 83

  1. Mary Ellen Carafice

    GO YANKEES!!!!

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