Day 84

Thursday 14/04/2011
Today I took Ori’s class again. I could do a bit more in class today, I didn’t feel as bad in my hamstring. I felt I could move bigger. I really really enjoy his class and hear he might be coming to teach in Ireland. I would be so grateful if he did, I think he would be great for the Irish dance scene.
After class I went to my final day in the office. I again worked on the Gala invitations. But about an hour into my shift, Sarah invited me into the staff meeting along with Ivo and Sophia (two other interns who were leaving) and they had a little cup cake party for us as a thank you for all our help. I was really surprised and so thankful. I was there the shortest so know it was more a party for the other two, but I was so thankful to have been included. We spoke for a while about our experience and what we will do next. It was so lovely and warm. Really a lovely gesture!

After work I went to meet Alex my old housemate for dinner in Union Square, as a little goodbye. We had a really nice time and the food was great. We then had cocktails and went to the chocolate bar, the one I was at on Tuesday. And had hot chocolate and Smores…….again I felt so American. Was glad I got to taste it before I left. It was a lovely evening, but I started to feel sad that I was leaving again.
I feel a bit stressed because I have to go home and now and start my own network at home. I feel by being here, I have connected with a lot of people who work at home, so it has been a great experience but I also think that I have been abroad so long, that I am unknown at home and feel I have a lot of work to try build some relationships.
I have been asked to dance with a company at home, which is amazing, I start the week after I come home and will work until July. I have also applied to start working on the Dublin Dance festival in May, so I am hoping to get to know some people through that. I am excited but nervous about going home. It will take some adjusting time but hopefully it will work out……if it doesn’t then I can always come back to New York or move to Belgium!!!!

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