Week 12: Day 81

Monday 11/04/2011
Today I registered for Luis Lara Malvacias’s class. Wow it was great, really my style! I couldn’t do the whole class because I am still nursing my injury but it felt so great to move a bit. I was so impressed by Luis himself, he was so friendly, kind and open. Not like the usual teachers, with ego’. He spoke to me and Mary Ellen like equals.

I was so tired so just took a rest in the afternoon, my hamstring wasn’t doing too well. I went to the Judson to watch the performance at 8pm and met Athena there, the performances were good, but not amazing. There was one really funny one, where one dancer threw potatoes at the other dancers…..it was strange but very humorous!

Me and Athena went for Pizza afterwards and had a nice chat. Was nice to have her on her own for a change.

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