Day 85

Friday 15/04/2011
I went to class this morning but had a lot of pain, I had been feeling a lot better in Ori’s classes so I was surprised I wasn’t feeling better in Luis’ classes. I had to take it easy again and sit out at the end of the class.
I went to have another massage from Rebecca today at 1pm. My last one before I leave. It went well, I hadn’t as much pain as the last two times. I realise I will have to see a physio back home to finally get a diagnosis and figure out how to fix my problems.

That evening my parents flew to NYC to visit me and had brought my two aunts to surprise, it really was a surprise. We all decided to go to Chinatown to eat dinner and brought Mary Ellen along too. We tried three different places before settling into one we thought was good.
We ordered and chatted and felt very relaxed but soon the food was coming, but in sections, Mary Ellen and I, ate first and by the time the others had their food, it was all cold. My Dad and Aunt were not happy with their food so asked to change it for something else. The night got very dramatic. Eventually the police were called. It got very out of hand very fast, and really made no sense. In the end we had to pay for all the meals, even though we didn’t eat them and the restaurant learned nothing from the situation. We all remained very calm and I was happy that we did, it was a strange situation, weird reactions and a lot of aggressive behavior from the restaurant staff. We were held captive until the police came. Extremely childish and very rude.

What a night!!!!

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