Day 86

Saturday 16/04/2011
I went to meet my family early this morning. We went to see the “strawberry fields” monument in Central Park, the Dakota building, the Hells Kitchen Flea Market and the Central Park Ice Rink (which was closed). I then met up with Mary Ellen and we went to visit the town of Sleepy Hollow. The weather got so bad when we arrived that we were so wet and had to take cover in a diner in the little town. It rained so heavily, but we decided to brave it and try site see. We went to the cemetery and also visited Philips Manor. It was so lovely, they had volunteers dressed up and act out various roles and tell stories of how it would have been in the Manor many years ago. It was a lovely experience, we got to see the freshly sheared sheep and watch a woman spinning wool. Was really great!
After we had to wait an hour til the next train came. We were wet and cold but happy, it was a fun day.

After, I went out with some friends in Williamsburg for my fair-well party. Only a few made it out in the stormy weather but I had a lovely night all the same.

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