Day 89

Tuesday 19/04/2011
This morning, my aunts were leaving so I went to say my goodbyes. I then went to DNA to take class with Tara Burns. I had met Tara a few times and she invited me to come take her class. It was very challenging for me and my weak body. I think it was too much for me. I don’t think I or my body was ready for such technical movement. But the class itself was really beautiful, I enjoyed even with my difficulties.
I then went and met my parents and we went to the Met museum with Mary Ellen, I really enjoyed it but felt we didn’t have enough time. I wanted to see the Guggenheim museum too so me and Mary Ellen went ahead to do that. It was a beautiful museum in structure but I preferred the Met, by far the most!
After we went to visit the FAO Schwartz toy shop, to see the giant piano, from the movie BIG. It was so cool, like a childhood dream come true. I am so glad I got to do that before I left.
We then went to Macy’s to buy some presents for my brother and sister. It was difficult. had no idea what to get them.
After we went to eat in a Mexican restaurant on West Broadway, it was disappointing. We didn’t realise what we were ordering, so ended up with appetizers, silly us!!!!! But it was fine, we weren’t that hungry.

I then went home and Mary Ellen cut my hair. I was supposed to meet some people for drinks but was too exhausted by then.

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