Week 13: Day 88

Monday 18/04/2011
This morning I went to class, it will be my last class with movement research. I didn’t really enjoy it, perhaps I was sad because I was leaving. I felt tired and sore. I did a lot of walking over the weekend.
I then met my parents, we had lunch in Penn Station and then went to visit the Moma. We enjoyed it but I could tell they were very tired of all the walking we had done the past few days. We also went and visited St. Patricks cathedral, it was so beautiful and huge. I was glad I got a chance to see it.
We then met up with the aunts and went to eat dinner in the Irish Pub.

I left them and went to meet my friend Brianna in Chelsea and we went to see a production by Punchdrunk theatre company, called “Sleep no more”.
I had no idea what to expect. They had rented a whole warehouse and converted it into an old hotel. It was like walking into an old movie set. It was very spooky. The smell and decor were authentic. It really felt like I had gone through a portal, into another world. The whole audience were allowed to walk through the building, following whatever character they chose. We all had to wear masks, to remain anonymous. I had no idea it would be mainly a dance production, I had expected it to be theatre.
It was difficult for me at first, I felt out of my comfort zone and worried I was following the wrong characters, but soon, it started to pick up and I could recognise who was who. It was so physical and so dark. The imagery alone was mind boggling. I was in shock, it really took me to another place. I was so deep inside it.
Afterwards I felt shaky, it had such an impact on me. I was exhausted from running around after the performers. I really wanted to see it again, so I could follow another part of the story. It really was the most immersive theatre I have ever witnessed. I am such a fan and really eager to experience more of their work. I would recommend it to everyone. So amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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