My Film work:

I have added a short film to my vimeo account. It is a compilation of my works, which I had done in 2010 while studying in my Masters. The first clip is from a piece created by Mairead Vaughan, myself and Patric Cashman choreographed this duet under her supervision. The second clip is a clip from an emsemble piece created by Liz Roche. The solo section I am showing here was choreographed by myself as part of an assignment set by Liz. Liz then incorporated my solo into the ensemble piece. The third clip featured in this film is a clip of a live improvisation performance in University of Limerick. I am improvising with Erika Charters and Lisa Cahill.

To view my compilation of works film, please click here.

I have also added a film on my Youtube account. The film is called em’path’y. It is a film I made this year, as my final project for my Masters in Contemporary Dance Performance. It is a choreography for Camera project, focusing on movement and the emotion of Fear. I choreographed, filmed and edited this film myself and I am also featured in it. I had some help with filming by my boyfriend Philip Slattery and by my dancer Katrin Neue, who is also featured in the film.

To view em’path’y, please click here.

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