Day 83

Wednesday 13/04/2011
This morning I did Luis’ class again. It was a lot more difficult today, I think I over did it slightly in Ori’s class. But still it felt good to do the warm up section and loosen up again and stretch. I felt a bit down, it’s hard to sit and watch everyone having fun.
I couldn’t sleep last night, because of all the chocolate and also my roommate was having very very loud sex in the room next to me… was very unpleasant. So I was a bit wobbly in myself, felt a little sick in my tummy too, from exhaustion.

So again I went home and didn’t get to do the things I had wanted to. I had planned to go to the Moma and also go watch a Cunningham class, because I can’t participate with my injury. I wanted to at least once visit the studios, because it will close after this year. But I didn’t get to do those things today.

I decided to go t try see the Yankees game again today, it was looking like rain but I wanted to try and not have my whole day wasted. We went and got in and the game was on…….we were so happy!!!!
It was so much fun, I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was in the movies, it was exactly how I had imagined it. The atmosphere was so great. It was freezing and lightly raining and we thought we would die of the cold but we persisted and stayed til the end. I am so happy I got to see a game!!!! So much fun!!!

Day 82

Tuesday 12/04/2011
This morning I took Ori Flomin’s class. It was amazing….we did a lot of stretching in the warm up so I started to feel a lot better in my hamstring and felt more connected and mobile. I really enjoyed his class but it was very challenging.

I then went to the office for 4 hours, working on the Gala invitations. It was a busy day, a lot to do. But I felt very relaxed in it, kind of therapeutic.

That evening me and Mary Ellen headed to the Bronx to see the Yankees game. We were so excited and bought hot dogs as soon as we got in the doors, and then bought garlic and cheese fries… they were good. But unfortunately, the rain got worse and worse so the game was cancelled. We were so disappointed. I felt stressed because I havn’t so much time left to do all the things I want to do before I leave.
We decided to go to the Chocolate Cafe in Union Square instead. It was so beautiful. Amazing food. It was a nice alternative. But god I ate too much shit food today!

Week 12: Day 81

Monday 11/04/2011
Today I registered for Luis Lara Malvacias’s class. Wow it was great, really my style! I couldn’t do the whole class because I am still nursing my injury but it felt so great to move a bit. I was so impressed by Luis himself, he was so friendly, kind and open. Not like the usual teachers, with ego’. He spoke to me and Mary Ellen like equals.

I was so tired so just took a rest in the afternoon, my hamstring wasn’t doing too well. I went to the Judson to watch the performance at 8pm and met Athena there, the performances were good, but not amazing. There was one really funny one, where one dancer threw potatoes at the other dancers… was strange but very humorous!

Me and Athena went for Pizza afterwards and had a nice chat. Was nice to have her on her own for a change.

Day 80

Sunday 10/04/2011
It’s Mary Ellen’s Birthday today, I get up at 9 and go to get her a cake in the bakery. I feel so exhausted, I should have slept well after the acupuncture, but didn’t, I felt a bit wired after the show.
I met her and her parents at central park and we walk around, visiting the Turtle Pond and other nice locations in the Park. It was a lovely afternoon.

Then I had to leave them and go to help the Cast break down the set from last night’s performance. I was about an hour late, because I got lost in the park and by the time I arrived, it was all done. Poop!!!!
We then headed over to one of the women’s houses to have some lovely Haitian food. It was such a nice party and at the end we finished with a sharing circle, to end our time together. It was very sad but happy too. We had been successful. I really loved listening to all these powerful ladies speak. They inspire me! I am so happy to have experienced this roller-coaster ride of emotions. It has forced me to look at myself and grow. I have learned a lot and am ready for the next chapter in my journey!

Day 79

Saturday 9/04/2011
Today I went to Acupuncture in the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. My injury had improved so much after the healing I had on Wednesday but I still decided I needed more help with it. I had three students treat me and was not happy with it at all. One woman hurt me very much, she didn’t place the needles properly and now I am very bruised. I was very disappointed because they didn’t listen to me, I asked to be given some treatment for my knee but they did not want me telling them what to do. It was uncomfortable and I didn’t feel safe or secure.
I had a lot of pain in my wrist after the treatment, it was a very strong point and it had ben done badly.

I was very tired, and I think the whole Vagina Warrior Group felt a lower energy. Tonight would be our last show, and I was starting to worry it would be a bad one. I had no friends coming tonight, but still felt I needed to do a good job.

It went well but it was a bit rocky at times, some of the women forgot their queues, and there were some awkward silences but as it progressed it started to pick up. I didn’t feel I read better than the night before but some of the women said it was better. It’s hard to say, when your in it.

It was a nice performance and we were all exhausted. I was glad it was over but also sad it was over!

Day 78

Friday 8/04/2011
This morning I went in early to the office so that I would have enough time to help out in the Vagina Fair at 2 pm. I finished the performance journal archive, which was such a relief. I am glad I could finish it before I went home.

I went to help out at the vagina fair, setting up the little stalls for auction and raffles and setting up areas to sell food. It was a nice feeling, to be helping out to raise money for such a great cause. My eyes have really been opened during these last few weeks. I was not aware of what was going on in the world. I feel blessed to have met all these wonderful women, and feel honored that they have shared their inspiring stories with me.

We all gathered together before the show in one of the little back rooms in the Church……and Eve Ensler appeared with an award for one of our cast members, Dell Williams. I got to say hi to Eve personally, and was so surprised by her amazing gratitude. I had not expected her to come to tears when she saw the amount of people in our cast. She was so thankful and humble and really a beautiful person. I am so thankful I got to meet her and be part of her production to help spread the word.

The performance went so well, I had three friends come to see me, and I was so thankful for that. I really appreciated them coming to support me and this cause. They were so impressed and said they really enjoyed it. I felt really great. It was a fun-filled and tear-filled evening. It was wonderful!

Day 77

Thursday 7/4/2011
Today I went to watch Mary Ellen’s End of year School performance at Hunter College. I got in free, which was amazing. I got to see 2 of Alwin Nikolais’s works performed live, which I was so delighted about. It was so interesting to see how innovative he was for his time. With lighting, costume and set design. I especially loved the piece Tensile Involvement. I saw it in rehearsal, but wow it was such a transformation with the lighting and costume. Very impressive. I enjoyed the overall performance, and it was nice to see a a wide range of movement on stage. But I really was happy I got to see the Alwin Nikolais pieces performed.

After I had my dress rehearsals for the Vagina Monologues. They went better today, people started to feel more comfortable and confident. The timing got better and the transitions smoother. I started to feel excited about performing. This is the first time I have felt like that for the whole entire process. I had been so scared t use my voice. It had blocked me from enjoying the process.